Healthy Diets to Lose Weight

By Alec Heffon

If you're looking for healthy diets to lose weight there are quite a few options out there. I thought it was important to outline how to tell if a diet appears healthy or may be simply a fad diet that cannot last the long haul.

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Healthy diets typically have the following properties:

1. The diet is balanced: The diet will be a balanced diet including foods from the major food groups as well as a good amount of vegetables and fruit.

2. The diet will include a lot of variety. One of the big needs you should look for in a diet is to be able to stick to the diet for a long time. Variety is important for this as I'm sure you have probably tried those limiting diets based on few foods and become sick to death of the diet after the first few days.

3. The diet should adopt a consistent long term approach to lose weight. The goal here is not to lose as much weight as you can in a week, but rather achieve a steady weight loss week by week that is sustainable and healthy.

4. The diet should provide a calorie deficit over the amount of calories you burn a day until a healthy weight is achieved.

The Mediterranean diet is a modern nutritional recommendation inspired by the traditional dietary patterns of Greece, southern Italy, and Spain. The principal aspects of this diet include proportionally high consumption of olive oil, legumes, unrefined cereals, fruits, and vegetables, moderate to high consumption of fish, moderate consumption of dairy products (mostly as cheese and yogurt), moderate wine consumption, and low consumption of meat and meat products.

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While the above points relate to a diet being healthy, this one is the crux of whether you will lose weight or not. At the end of the day a lot of weight loss comes down to calories: calories in and calories out.

Given the importance of monitoring calories in the weight loss process, I would recommend taking a look at a calorie calculator. This calculator will let you calculate a number of metrics that are important in the weight loss process, including an estimate of how many calories you burn a day.


How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle And Enjoy Life

By Mike Mahaffey

Living a healthy life style naturally calls for a healthy body, free from disease and illnesses. It also means that you enjoy a positive outlook about your life, the people in it, and the world.

A healthy lifestyle is one full of energy, without constant stress about aches and pains, and what tomorrow will bring. It's about living in a healthy body, and enjoying the world around you.

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Living a healthy lifestyle is built on these foundational steps:

Staying healthy calls for a healthy diet

A diet rich in fresh, whole foods is essential in a healthy lifestyle. When available, always choose foods found in its natural state. Fruits and vegetables have high vitamin and mineral content. Whole grains like quinoa and whole wheat bread should be consumed instead of less nutritious white varieties.

Vegetables need to make up 50-60% of your total intake of food each and every day. The more vegetables you eat, the less sugar and white flour you will crave and your immune system will help you fight off illness and give you all the energy you need.

Drink plenty of water. The old suggestion of 8 glasses as day is still what you need to keep every cell in your body healthy.

Exercise keeps your heart healthy and your body agile

Just 30 minutes a day of movement can benefit your health by improving joint stability, increase your range of movement and flexibility, help prevent osteoporosis and fractures and improve your mood while reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Exercise doesn't necessarily mean joining a gym. It can be simple things like turning off the TV for an hour and playing outdoors with your kids or taking your dog for a walk.

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If you already exercise regular, add an extra lap in the pool, walk an extra turn around the block, do one more set of reps before quitting. Small increases can make a big difference.

Chores like shoveling snow, gardening, raking leaves or vacuuming and sweeping the floor are all considered a form of exercise.

Emotional Health makes all the pieces come together

Your emotional health plays a big part in a healthy lifestyle. Tune into your body to learn what causes you stress. Have a healthy social life by avoiding negative people and situations. Relaxation and meditation help release negative emotions. Listen to soothing music, meditate, breathe deep to help reduce stress.

A healthy lifestyle makes life full and large

In addition to an overall good feeling, a healthy lifestyle has many benefits. A healthy lifestyle makes life worth something to you. When you're living conscious of your diet, sleep, exercise, and the other people you share the world with, life will take on a new and profound meaning.

A naturally healthy lifestyle can lead to a longer more productive life. You'll feel less pain, ward off diseases and have energy like you did when you were young.

Living a healthy lifestyle is the only way to live your life, but it isn't the normal way to live.

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